Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does sizing work with the ROBN H1/H2 smart harness?

    The smart harness comes in three sizes which are a reflection of girth and breadth of shoulders rather than height. You can adjust the straps so that your smart harness sits comfortably and loosely on your shoulders and chest.
    - Small 4’9” to 5’4” Petite to Lean (and youth)
    - Medium 5’4” to 6’2” Slim to Average Build
    - Large 6’2” to 6’8” Built to Full Bodied

  2. How do I pair my ROBN H1/H2 with bluetooth

    Simple. Hold the power button on your ROBN down until you hear an audio cue. Then go to the bluetooth settings on your phone and find ROBN H1 or ROBN H2 listed and pair. Once you are paired, all you need to do to connect in the future is to switch your ROBN on in range of your phone.

  3. Is there a ROBN app? What does it do?

    The ROBN app is available to download on iOS and Android. The app allows you to track your usage, battery levels, access the manual, and FAQs. It also allows you to set up and access ROBN voice channels so you can chat and share music with friends and team mates (think of it as Slack for audio). Audio functions are coming to Android in the coming months. That's just the beginning, with much more functionality to come.

  4. Does my ROBN H1/H2 work with my smart assistant?

    Absolutely. Feel free to “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google” to your heart’s content. Your ROBN H1/H2 integrates with your phone’s smart assistant so you can enjoy your time out in the open with hands-free help. Enjoy audio, stay in touch, manage tasks, and plan your day, all with the touch of a button. Bluetooth connection to phone is required. To activate your smart assistant, hold down the LED button, or say “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google” within earshot of your phone.

  5. Is my ROBN H1/H2 waterproof?

    Your ROBN H1/H2 is designed for a wide range of activities (as well as for your sweat). Your H1/H2 is water-resistant, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities in the rain, mud and snow. Do not go swimming in or submerge your ROBN H1/H2, and avoid using in heavy rain (the kinds that gets your socks wet).

  6. Can I put my ROBN H1/H2 in the washing machine?

    No. That would not be good. But with a little care you will be able to enjoy your H1/H2 for a long time. Soil is best removed using warm water and a brush or damp cloth. Here are detailed instructions:

    - Wash carefully by hand at max 30 °C.
    - Air dry, leave to dry at room temperature.
    - Store at room temperature in a dry place

    DO NOT
    - Submerge in water (water resistant is not waterproof)
    - Bleach, iron, dry clean, machine wash or tumble dry
    - Expose to a heat source like an oven or radiator after washing.

    During a deeper clean, remove the speakers, control box, and battery pack from the smart harness, but leave the power cables in place.

  7. What’s the warranty?

    We offer a six month no-questions asked warranty on battery packs, and twelve months on on other parts such as speakers and control packs. Contact us at support@gorobn.com to submit a claim.

  8. How do I charge my ROBN H1/H2?

    The battery unit for your ROBN H1/H2 is located on the inside right pocket of your smart harness (the logo side). Insert your micro USB charger cable into the charging slot on the side of the battery unit. You can access the port via the orange fabric slot, or by sliding the battery unit out of its pocket (no need to disconnect the speaker cable). When charging, the LED battery indicator will glow red. When fully charged the indicator will turn off. Estimated charge time: 3 hrs.

  9. How long does the battery last?

    That depends on usage and how loud you listen to your audio. For the H1, normal usage will get you between 8 to 10 hours of battery life. For maximum volume and usage, expect between 5 to 8 hours. Note that in the cold battery life may decrease. You can always check your battery power in the ROBN app. As with all batteries, after 18 months of heavy usage, battery life will decline (that means fewer hours of usage with each charge).

  10. Can I buy another battery pack?

    Yes you can buy additional and replacement batteries at www.gorobn.com. Additional battery packs are perfect for long trips without access to charging facilities.

  11. How does the Walkie Talkie PPT on the H2 work?

    The ROBN H2 features a push-to-talk walkie talkie, connecting you with fellow ROBN H2 users in your group in any setting. The walkie talkie operates on a device-to-device basis and does not require cell tower connectivity. The range is between 1.5km to 2km in open spaces with reduced range in urban areas. If you hear chatter on your channel in urban areas, simply change to an agreed channel with your partner. Please note that the channel can only be changed when in Walkie Talkie mode (not Bluetooth + Walkie Talkie mode).

  12. What's with the LED Safety Light?

    For the security of added visibility at night, we recommend activating your safety LED. The safety LED only works when the device has power. To activate and deactivate your safety light, click the LED logo once. 

  13. What are the maximum operating conditions (cold, heat, etc)?

    Your ROBN smart harness is built to last and can handle temperatures between -4° to 122° F (-20° to 50° C). It’s maximum operating altitude (not in a plane) is 10,000 feet (3000 m). Astronauts... you should be fine in zero gravity.

  14. What do I do if my ROBN H1/H2 is not responding?

    The first step is to make sure it’s charged (low battery may affect performance). Try switching your ROBN H1/H2 off and then on again to reset the device. If you still have issues after charging, contact us at support@gorobn.com and we’ll be happy to help.

  15. Do I need the ROBN app to use my H1/H2?

    No. You can enjoy your ROBN H1/H2 without downloading the app. However, we promise you will get more out of your ROBN experience with the app, especially with our group audio chat functionality to speak and share music in real-time with friends, teammates, and classmates.

  16. How do I pair my PTT Walkie Talkie to another H2?

    To speak with other ROBN users via walkie talkie, you simply need to be on the same channel. You have 16 to choose from, so agree with your group ahead of time. If you experience a busy or noisy channel, common in urban environments, then switch to another channel.

  17. My Bluetooth connection is dropping on & off!

    Make sure that your ROBN battery levels are sufficient and that you are in range of your phone. Make sure your ROBN is not connected to another device. If you have issues, then remove your ROBN from your ‘my devices’ list on your phone and pair the device again.

  18. Are you listening to me / recording me?

    Never. ROBN does not collect or store any recordings of your voice. When you are using your smart assistant, the information is processed by Apple and Google respectively.

  19. Where is the microphone?

    The microphone is located on the control box of your ROBN H1/H2. Feel free to speak normally, however for added clarity you can turn your head towards the left hand speaker. The microphone is covered, which reduces the sound of wind.

  20. Can I take calls?

    Yes. When someone calls simply push the power button once to pick up. To hang up push the power button again.

  21. The adjustable strap mount buttons on my H1/H2 are squeaky!

    Not a problem. That's most likely to a little dirt between the button and the mount. Unclip your adjustable straps from the body of your ROBN H1/H2. Take a Q-tip / cotton bud, apply one drop of oil, then clean the inside of the button. Then clip it all back together and go. Be careful not to get any oil on the fabric of your ROBN H1/H2.

  22. Can I use with a backpack?

    Yes. We recommend putting the backpack on first to avoid the backpack straps triggering the ROBN controls, or covering them up and making them hard to access.

  23. Should I wear my ROBN H1/H2 inside or outside my jacket?

    You can do either, but generally the ROBN is worn outside of your clothing. When worn inside a jacket you can still enjoy all the functionality, and audio will pass through clothing. That’s especially useful for skiing or snowboarding adventures.

  24. Can I operate my ROBN H1/H2 at high speeds?

    Yes you can. In fact we aim to make activities safer by helping you hear your environment, and keeping you away from the distraction of your phone. Make sure you concentrate on your surroundings when operating your ROBN H1/H2.

  25. Can I use group voice chat out of cell tower range?

    No. Our ROBN group chat is a VOIP service that requires the ROBN app and connectivity to function. H2 users can reach other users without cell tower connectivity using the PTT walkie talkie.

  26. I can only find group audio chat on on iOS, but not Android!

    We are in the process of bringing ROBN audio chat to Android. Hold tight!

  27. What am I paying for group voice chat?

    Nada, nilch, nothing at all. It’s completely free to users of the ROBN app.

  28. Can I use group chat without a ROBN device?

    Yes you can. Simply download the ROBN app, register, and use your phone to setup and join voice channels.