All Senses Go.

The ROBN Smart Harness is the ultimate companion to your outdoor experience.

So what makes ROBN, ROBN?

Audio & comms on the go

  • Enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks and more
  • Handle calls and messaging effortlessly
  • Group audio comms when connecting the ROBN app
  • Always hear what's around you

Comfortable, light, durable

  • Designed for recreational and fitness activities
  • Fits ergonomically even during intense activity
  • Durable and easy to care for
  • Lightweight at under 1/2 lb

Hands-free safety

  • Set aside your headphones and screen
  • Free to focus on where you're going
  • Smart assistant ready...
    "Hey Google"
  • Light up at night with
    safety LEDs

Directional Sound

With directed sound from 2 Watt Stereo speakers, ROBN makes sure your audio gets to your ears without being disruptive or loud to those around you (Unless you're cranking it to enjoy music with your friends that is).

Smart Assistant Ready

The ROBN smart harness integrates with Google Assistant, Siri, or Cortana. Choose your favourite playlist or podcast, handle calls and messages, get directions, capture notes, and manage schedules & tasks, all with your voice, whilst hands free and on the move.


Lightweight and ergonomic, the ROBN smart harness is the perfect companion to a range of activities, from running, cycling, skating, to hiking, ski and snowboard, and more.

Whatever your favorite outdoor activities are - they’ll be more fun with ROBN.


I feel way safer knowing that I can hear my surroundings and be completely aware while still enjoying my morning Podcast.


Robn has changed everything and I can now jam out while still feeling safe. I'm obsessssssed. :)


It's so light and comfortable, you forget it's even there sometimes.

Jeremy G.

I can't go back to a ROBN free life!

Mike G.

This product is a game changer for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Josh M.

Must have!

The best 139$ I’ve spent this year! Fits perfect over my CamelBack and keeps my solo gravel rides not so lonely. Apparently also works well for hiking, my wife keeps borrowing my Robn 😠!

Roman C.

Two Models, No Limits


For the streets

The ROBN H1 was designed to handle audio & comms on the move. Go headphone, screen, and handsfree so you can safely focus on what you’re doing and where you’re going.


For outdoor adventure

The ROBN H2 has all the features of the H1 as well as extended battery life and a 2km range PTT Walkie Talkie. Ideal for group activities such as team cycling, hiking, and ski/snowboard.

The ROBN App

The ROBN app for iOS and Android unlocks the full potential of your ROBN Smart Harness. Access your personal usage data and battery readings and download the latest firmware. Set up your own audio chat channels to speak live with friends, teammates, and fellow ROBN users. Your global walkie talkie!

Want to know even more? Check out our FAQs.